Who are you B.C ? – Episode 5 Camilla d’Errico

Who are You B.C ? – Web series about the characters of British Columbia, Canada. Episode 5, Camilla d’Errico. Comic book illustrator, painter, designer, writer and visual artist. Pop Surrealism Paintings & Manga Art. Stories from Art galleries exhibitions to Comic Con fan kinship.

Crowd Funding a Feature Documentary

Become involved in “The Hashimoto’s Project”

In 2014, I worked on my first crowd funding project. As camera operator and assistant editor, I was ignorant on the topic but I learned a lot from the characters. It was somebody’s story and they needed help sharing it. You can now view the finished film online. HASHIMOTO’S DOCUMENTARY: “walk talk dance sing”

Filming Weddings

One of my first jobs out of film school was filming weddings. I was fortunate to work for one of the best companies in the industry Sowedding. I worked three solid seasons (2013, 2014, 2015) sometimes all weekend, every weekend, for a couple months straight. I learned many tricks of the trade but I also learned so many valuable transferable skills in capturing emotion, the right light, composition, choreography, sound and editing. You can view some of their work here: SoWedding on Vimeo

Heather Conn (video resume)

Client resume/reference video.
Heather Conn, award winning writer. Profiling Heather’s writing, non-fiction/fiction. Editor of Magazines, freelance writer. Author of historical literature, a children’s book and screenplay collaborator. You can also read my reference letter from Heather Conn on the “References”, page.