Fraser Health- fundraising proposal video (First Edit)

Surrey Memorial Hospital is quickly becoming one of the busiest hospitals and care facilities in the lower mainland of Vancouver. With the new addition of a critical care tower the hospital faces issues with the moving of services, medical supplies, food, linen and waste. Services staff, all departments and patients use the same hallways and access area’s creating health concerns and congestion.

Fraser Health made a proposal to the Ministry of Health and transport with the solution to the health concerns, efficiency and the coming growth. 9.4 million dollar services link connector that would run underneath the hospital connecting all service routes and departments.

With the help of this video I wrote, directed and produced, Fraser Health got the money!

Crowd Funding a Feature Documentary

Become involved in “The Hashimoto’s Project”

In 2014, I worked on my first crowd funding project. As camera operator and assistant editor, I was ignorant on the topic but I learned a lot from the characters. It was somebody’s story and they needed help sharing it. You can now view the finished film online. HASHIMOTO’S DOCUMENTARY: “walk talk dance sing”

Filming Weddings

One of my first jobs out of film school was filming weddings. I was fortunate to work for one of the best companies in the industry Sowedding. I worked three solid seasons (2013, 2014, 2015) sometimes all weekend, every weekend, for a couple months straight. I learned many tricks of the trade but I also learned so many valuable transferable skills in capturing emotion, the right light, composition, choreography, sound and editing. You can view some of their work here: SoWedding on Vimeo

Heather Conn (video resume)

Client resume/reference video.
Heather Conn, award winning writer. Profiling Heather’s writing, non-fiction/fiction. Editor of Magazines, freelance writer. Author of historical literature, a children’s book and screenplay collaborator. You can also read my reference letter from Heather Conn on the “References”, page.