“I highly recommend Dominic Ball as a candidate for employment. Dominic was employed by Sim Post Vancouver from August 2016 to March 2018. In his last position with Sim Post, Dominic was employed as a Workflow Supervisor. His responsibilities in that role included establishing the dailies workflow on assigned projects, training new staff as Dailies Technicians, overseeing quality control of the materials produced, and acting as the point person for client communications.
While working with Sim, Dominic quickly proved himself to be a valuable asset to the team. His hard work and dedication to the role were key factors in his successes. He possesses strong managerial and leadership skills which quite evident by the efficiencies and effectiveness of the team he supervised. His amicable personality and consistent willingness to help others made him well liked by everyone he worked with. In addition, client regularly commented on the promptness of his responsiveness and praised the courteous & professional manner in which he always dealt with them.
Dominic Ball would be a tremendous asset to your organization and has my highest recommendation. If you have any further question’s regarding Dominic’s background and/or qualification, please do not hesitate to call me to discuss”.

Mike Ogawa
General Manager
Sim Post Vancouver
230-2885 Clark Drive
Sim International Vancouver offices
“Dominic Ball was employed by Sim Camera Vancouver for almost three years
from January 2014 to Sept 2016. He began as a Driver but was quite quickly
promoted to an Engineering Tech role and soon after an Engineering Supervisor role in March 2015 after he showed many quality signs of developing as a leader.
Dom always brought a strong work ethic and was able to manage his time well. His aptitude for being an eager learner allowed Dom to quickly gain valuable
knowledge and experience with industry standard equipment and accessories
along with company procedures and protocol.
Dom consistently pleased many of our clients with outstanding technical
knowledge and customer service and with his outgoing personality, he was able to excel in a team environment. He proved his worth and expressed his passion for hard work and dedication during his time with SIM and I would highly
recommend his work to any employer.
Dom ended up moving over to our SIM Post Production Division after his time with Camera Division and remained with the company for another year before moving on to pursue other career aspirations.
Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any further questions “.

Ken Anderson -General Manager
SIM Camera Vancouver
5258 Lougheed Hwy
Burnaby, BC V5B 2S8
Tel: +01 I 604 298 5258
Sim International Vancouver offices


“Dominic created a promotional video for me and I am very happy with the results. From the outset of our first meeting to the interviews he completed, he was consistently enthusiastic, thorough, and always seeking a great product.

He was very sensitive and attentive to my life values and to the breadth of my work and services. Dominic ensured that he represented these elements in an accurate and engaging way in the video. His approach throughout was one of thoughtful consideration, warmth, and artful collaboration.

Dominic went out of his way to approach my clients and establish quick rapport with them. I enjoyed his creative ideas and how he used the materials that I provided. His soulfulness and caring make him a gem. I look forward to working with him again”.

Heather Conn


“Dominic is a talented filmmaker.

I enjoyed working with him on all of his projects”.

Steve Rosenberg


“Dominic is one of those people that you just like being around. A hard-worker, full of enthusiasm, very responsible — he has the skill and determination to complete projects”.

Michaelin McDermott